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We should decriminalize drugs for adults. We should also get rid of asset forfeiture laws.  the fourteenth amendment to the constitution states: that no state  shall deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law.  Our anti-drug laws give too much power to the Government and Law Enforcement Agencies over our property Rights and our privacy Rights. The power of the Federal Government keeps forever increasing, through anti-drug laws and legislation, and at the same time our Liberty and Rights keep decreasing. These laws and legislation give Government and Law Enforcement Agencies Power over us, and that Power can be corrupted, or abused and used against us, and we can lose our fourth amendment rights, our privacy, our property, and our freedom. We should have the freedom and the Right to be secure in our private property, our legal and private papers, and our computer files. I believe we should give life in prison to anyone giving or selling drugs to children. We should protect children from the self-destructive influences of drugs, but not adults. Adults should not be treated as children; they should be able to decide for themselves, how they want to live their lives, and create their own destiny. We have to give adults sovereignty, autonomy and the right to self-determination over what they want to do with their own bodies, minds, lives and souls, to be individual and free.  I do not advocate self-destructive behavior, or the use of drugs, just our inalienable right to choose, to make our own choices, to be individual and free.

People should have the right to choose, but they should also know that there are consequences to their choices. People should only lose their freedom and be put in jail, if they drive while on drugs, or drunk on alcohol, or if they harm other people's person, property, privacy or freedom. We need fewer laws and regulations; but we also need to be tough on people who would do harm to the Rights and freedoms of others, especially people that would do harm to other people's person, property, privacy or freedom. We need to be protected against people who would violate our Right and freedom to live free from harm for our families, and ourselves, also to be able to protect our property, from unwanted intrusions, from unwarranted intrusions, and from harm by others.

The government by putting people in jail for using drugs saves no one; they can only punish people for their transgressions. These self-destructive people on drugs are not likely to find enlightenment or become ethical in jail. They are not more likely to find God, or to become born-again, or to be made holly, or to find God's love, and you cannot make them anymore ethical or moral by putting them in jail. They are more likely to become embittered by the experience, and when they get out of jail, find even more self-destructive ways to escape the life that the lead. They're wasted self-destructive lives on drugs is enough punishment till Heaven's judgment. Helping these self-destructive people off drugs is the job of Families, Charities, Churches, Synagogues, Temples and Mosques. But first these self-destructive people on drugs need to ask for help, before they can change themselves from within and from without.

We cannot legislate ethics or morality; we only have the power to punish people for their transgressions, through laws and Government. No law or government has ever had the power, or will ever have the power, to make anyone ethical or moral. Only we as individuals have the power to choose for ourselves, to be ethical or moral, or unethical or immoral, and only individually can we and do we, choose for ourselves our own ethics and morality. No law or government can choose our ethics and morality for us; only individually can we make those choices for ourselves.  If morality and ethics could be legislated we would not need any jails, the mere fact that there was a law would make everybody moral and ethical and you would need no jails.

We have to have the power to choose our own way, to be true to our own beliefs and ourselves, to be our own person, to be free sovereign autonomous individuals, to have the Right to self-determination. We must be ever vigilant, to stay forever free and be forever free, to be all that we can be, and the best we can be, free, in the freest nation on earth.

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Written by N. Scott Mills

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