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James Madison's [the original writer or author of Bill of Rights, also known as the father of the Constitution], version of the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press Clause, it provided that ["the people shall not be deprived or abridged of the right to speak, to write, or to publish their sentiments; and the freedom of the press, as one of the great bulwarks of liberty, shall be inviolable."]  It was introduced into the House of Representatives separately on June 8, 1789.  It was passed by the House as an amendment to the Constitution and was later  brought together by the Senate with other amendments passed by the House of Representatives, to form the First Amendment to the Constitution,

Nowhere in the United States Constitution or the Bill of Rights does it protect anyone from being offended or offended by speech. Non-offensive speech does not need protection under the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the United States of America. No one would try and stop non-offensive speech. We have to be able to feel, to say, to write, or to create whatever we like, to be individual and free. People need to lighten up, and not be offended by everything that people say about them. Words only have the power that we give them. They have no power of their own to hurt, or offend anyone. Only we as individuals can give them that power over us, the power to hurt or offend us. Words have no meaning or purposes other than what we give them. We have the power to control the effect words have over us, and our lives as human beings. We have the power to control our own minds, to control our own feelings, to control our own lives, to control our own destinies, and to control how much power someone else has over us, by the words that they use.

Voltaire said around the time of the Founding of this Country that, "I may disagree with everything that you say, but I shall defend to the death you're right to say it." People should be able to express themselves, any way they so choose as long as they do not harm anyone else's person or property. There are limits to speech; we cannot yell fire in a crowded theater, and we should not be able to insight to riot. That kind of speech can harm other peoples person and property, but being offended does neither. There is some art, or forms of art, that use religious symbolism, in a most unflattering light, that I have found offensive, but just because I find them offensive I do not think they should be outlawed. I find ignorance and racism offensive, but I don't believe that outlawing either will stop either of them from happening. You cannot stop ignorance or racism by passing a law, is not possible. There will still be ignorant people, and they're always be people who will hate other people for their differences, no matter what you do, or what law you pass.

Only individually can we and do we, choose not to hate, or not to be ignorant, or not to be racist, no law or legislation can do that, or choose that, for us. It is too great an infringement on our Liberty, to have to be selective of every word that we choose, just so we do not offend anyone. People do not have to listen to people they find offensive, or read what people have written if they find it offensive, or watch entertainment they find offensive, or look at art they find offensive. They have the power and the right to censor for themselves, but not others or society. We need to get back to the place where we once were in this Country. When people were willing to fight and die to give liberty and freedom to everyone, and not just the people they agreed with.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not there to protect different groups of people or minority groups of people and give them special rights. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are there to Protect Everyone Equally as Individuals, as a Minority of 1, the Smallest Minority on Earth, with Equal Justice, Equal Laws, Equal Rights, and Equal Freedom for Everyone Individually. Justice needs to be blind to race, and all forms of social prejudice to protect everybody equally as individuals, to protect our individual Rights and freedoms from being trampled on by the abuses of power, of the instruments of government, or by the tyranny of the majority, or even smaller groups of people, who want to limit what we can say, write, create, think, or feel.

We have to have the power to be free, to say what we like, to write what we like, to think what we like, to create what we like, and to feel what we like. We have to have the power to control our feelings, and our lives. We have to have free-will, and the power of self-determination over our own lives and destiny, to take responsibility for ourselves and not have the Government or others tell us what we should say, write, think, create or feel. To make up our own minds about what we think is right, and not necessarily what others or a collective group think is right.  We have to be our own person, to choose our own way, to control our own thoughts and feeling, to live our lives in freedom and liberty,  to be individual and free.  We need to be forever vigilance, to be free, and stay forever free, in the Freest Nation on Earth.

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