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We are more than nature, we are no longer strictly of nature, nature has no volition for good or evil, but we as human beings do have the volition for good and evil, love or hate.  The law of nature is killing to survive whether it is plants or animals to sustain life, also certain species fight over territory, and the right of procreation, where only the strongest and most dominant have the right to procreate.  All of this is a fight for survival, humanity is gone beyond nature and nature's laws, we are the only animal that fights and kills for anything other than its survival and right to reproduce.  We must respect nature and nature's laws, it is evil to kill plants or animals for anything other than shelter, food, protection and clothing, in this way we respect nature and nature's laws, but we are no longer of nature.  We are more than nature, we have the power through technology and science to control nature, and invent and create our own environment and society.  We can create and invent our way out of our problems with the environment and society .

 In the future I believe we will be able to create whatever our imagination can conceive.  Through genetic engineering, nanotechnology and science we will be able to create a whole new world.  That which we create or invent has no volition for good or evil only mankind can give it that volition, it is only through the intent of human-beings that things we invent  and nature can be used for good or evil, for instance guns can be used to kill for food, which is not evil or they can be used to kill another human being which is evil if done out of hatred or any other reason than your own survival.  The atomic bomb in and of itself is not evil, only those who wield it can give it that volition, atomic bombs may one day be used to deflect asteroids or comments from hitting the earth, and in this way they could be used for the good of all mankind. 

We are more than nature, we know the nature of good and evil and we can destroy in hate and ugliness, or we can invent and create great beauty and love.  There is freedom in the inventive and creative nature of humankind, but that same creative and inventive nature can be used for destruction tyranny and slavery.  We are free to choose the intent to which we use that which we create and invent, for good or evil, for love or hate, for moral or immoral, for right or wrong, for just or unjust, for the act of building or destroy.  We are free to choose our own way, to make our own choices, and to believe as we so choose, in Liberty and freedom.  We are no longer of nature but more than nature, we can have dominion over it, we can control it, we can create and invent, no other animal can do this, nothing of nature has this power except God.

 It is our intent that gives what we invent and create a purpose for good or evil.  Mankind can reach... for the heights of love or the depths of hatred, for heights of our dreams or the depths of our nightmare's, for the heights of our greatest attainment or the depths of our greatest despair, for the heights of great beauty or depths of great ugliness, for the heights of our knowledge or the depths of our ignorance, for the heights of our wisdom or the depths of our foolishness, for the heights of freedom or the depths of slavery, for the heights of good or the depths of evil, we must look towards the positive and not the negative, so we can aspire to attain whatever our dreams and aspirations can create for us.  We have to be individual and free, to be inventive and creative with our science and technology, to invent and create our way out of our environmental and social problems.  We can never go back, we can only go forward, we can never go back to being only of nature, we must go forward and invent and create a better world for everyone.

To be all that we can be, and the best that we can't be, we must be individuals, and free, in the Freest Nation on Earth.

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