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The freedom to choose is one of the only real freedoms you have, and the most important freedom you have; you should not let other people, or the government, or the collective, choose for you, you should choose for yourself, you have the Right and Free-Will to [Self-Determination!]

 The government enforces, or forces it's choices upon you, by forcing you to pay taxes, whether its property taxes, or income taxes, or a sales tax, or gas taxes, you have no choice, then it chooses how to spend your money.  It enforces, or forces, its compassion, or its laws, or its regulations, and morality upon you.  Because you are not free to choose how you will spend your money for yourself, or what moral choices you should make for yourself.  The government enforces it upon you, or forces you to choose what compassion and morality they decide is for your own good, or the good of the collective.  You should be free choose of your own freewill, to wear a seat belt, to choose to wear it for your own safety and good, instead they enforce that choice upon you, they enforce you to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, instead of letting you choose it for yourself, they enforce you not to take illegal drugs, they enforce you not to involve yourself with prostitution and they force you into the so called compassion of their social programs.  You should be free to choose for yourself, your own charity and compassion for others, free to choose what you want to do for your own personal safety.  You're not free to choose to wear a seat belt, the government enforces it upon you, you're not free to choose to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, the government enforces it upon you, you are not free to choose not to take illegal drugs, the government enforces that choice upon, you are not free to choose not to involve yourself in prostitution, the government forces that choice upon you, you are not free to choose what charitable social programs, or compassion you wish to give to, or take part in, when the government forces it upon you through taxation. 

It does your soul no good for the government to force or enforce its choices upon you, you should choose for yourself, and take the responsibility unto yourself, through your own personal choice's, how you should live your life, because all you have is your life, and how you choose to live it, and the choices that you make, is what makes you the individual that you are, not what the government chooses for you.  When you can no longer choose for yourself, but the government chooses for you, by enforcing its will upon you, for your own good and the good of the collective, you are no longer free, but living under tyranny and slavery.  The government should not enforce its morality and compassion upon you, it should protect your rights and freedoms, especially your right to live free from harm for yourself and your property.  You have to respect other People's rights and freedoms to be individual and free, Especially the right to live free from harm.  You have to choose for yourself, to be true to yourself, to be individual and free.  You need to be able to choose your own morality, and compassion, also to choose that which you think is best for you and your body and not have it enforced or forced upon you, buy government.  You should have the right of self-determination, over your own body, mind and soul; to be free sovereign autonomous individuals.  We have to choose for ourselves, to be the best of ourselves we can be, individual and free.

To be all that we can be and the best that we can be, we must choose for ourselves and be true to ourselves, to live our lives in freedom and liberty, we must be forever vigilant to stay forever free, individually, in the freest Nation on Earth.

Thank you for reading my web page, and I wish you freedom and liberty forever, for any questions and/or comments please contact me at

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