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In the beginning there was the void. Then darkness came into the void, and God said let be light, and separated the light from the darkness, and he saw that it was good.

Since the beginning God has given us the Right, the power, and the freedom to choose, between light and darkness, good or evil, love or hate. With the Free Will to choose for ourselves our own way, to find our own destiny, and not have others, or the collective, or society, or the government, choose for us. What is best for the individual, may not be what others think is best for the collective, society or government. We need to be free to live our lives as we so choose, as individuals. We can and should decide for ourselves the course of our own lives and destiny, to be individual and free.  Please do not think I am advocating choosing darkness, evil, hate or self-destructive behavior, what I am advocating, and what I know God has given us, is the inalienable right of choice.

To believe in individual Rights and freedoms you have to believe your Rights and freedoms are inalienably and unquestionably held as truth for all-time, and that these Rights and freedoms are granted by God, or a Higher Power other than yourself or Government. Because what the Government gives the Government can take away, unless your Rights, Liberty and Freedom are inalienably held as truth for all-time. Freedom, Liberty, and the Inalienable Human Rights of Mankind, have to be more than just words, they have to be the truths that we live by, and what we believe in, with all our hearts, minds, and souls. "It is these truths that we hold a Self-Evident that all Men are Created Equal and Endowed by their Creator with certain Inalienable Rights [among these] are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." So says the Declaration of Independence.

We have to care for each other, one-on-one individually. We can only change the world from the bottom-up, one person and/or soul at a time. We need to minister to people's minds, bodies and souls individually. Only God and love can change anyone's heart and mind, but as Children of God, we can help show the way to that change. We can show the way by living our lives as an example for all to see.  As individuals with whom God himself ministers to one-on-one, with our own individual thoughts, hopes, needs and prayers for today and our future.  It is not the job of Government to save people from their own weaknesses, temptations, self-destructiveness and indulgences, no matter how much we dislike their behavior.  Government cannot save anyone, it cannot make anyone moral or ethical, it does not have that power, it never has, and it never will.  Government can only punish people for their transgressions. Their own self-destruction is enough punishment till Heaven's Judgment.  We as individuals with God's help, can change a life, save a life, help give a life ethics and moral judgment, with meaning and purpose through God.  It is also the job of families, Charities, Churches, Synagogues, Temples and Mosques to help save lives. In doing this they are doing the work of God.  But first these self-destructive people need to seek so they can find, knock on the door so it can be open to them, and asked so it can be given to them.  Till then we need to be free, to choose our own way, to seek our own destiny, to make our own choices, no matter what road we take, no matter what the personal outcome.

People should have the Right to choose, but they should also know there are consequences to their choices. People's freedoms should only be taken away from them, and they be put in jail, for driving while on drugs, or physical and mental impairment by alcohol, or if they harm other peoples person, property, privacy or freedoms. We need fewer laws and regulations, but we also need to be tough on people who would violate or harm other people’s person and property. These people who have no regard for the Rights and freedoms of others, especially in regards to our Right to live free from harm, for our families, property and ourselves, should be given the harshest terms possible under the law. No one has the Right to violate or harm anyone else's family, property, privacy, freedom or person.

We should forever and always, as individuals, have the Power, the Right and the freedom to believe as we so choose.  Also to know that the only time that we are truly equal with one another is at our birth and at our death. The only other equality we can have in a free society is Equal Justice, Equal Laws, Equal Rights, and Equal Freedom, for every individual, no matter what our race, or color of our skin, or where we come from, or what faith we believe in. With the equal opportunity to become what ever our abilities and aspirations can create for us. We have to choose our own way, to become our own person, to become all that we can be, and the best that we can be, as individuals forever free, in the Freest Nation on Earth.

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